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About This Site

If you've ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you're in the right place!

  • “Where do I start with fitness and fat loss?”
  • “Where can I find honest fitness and weight loss advice that works?”
  • “How can I get motivated enough to stick to a fitness goal”
  • “How can I get fitness results from my own home”
  • “Where do I start with weight lifting or bodybuilding?”
  • “Running is something that I want to do! What's the best way to start running for weight loss or marathons”


This site is dedicated to bringing you friendly, honest fitness advice that is gimmick free and based on “Jim's” (James Atkinson's) personal experience of over twenty years in the fitness game. Of these twenty years, Jim has learned some valuable lessons in many different fitness niches, but after falling down more times than he has been standing, he has excelled in all of his fitness endeavours. Whether you are totally new to fitness or looking to further hone your fitness knowledge, there is something here for you. 





Hi, I’m Jim, owner of SwapFat4Fit.com and JimsHealthandMuscle.com.

I have been pushing my limits in different areas of health and fitness for well over twenty years. I have been skinny and un-athletic, overweight and out of shape, a long distance runner, a “gym rat”, a competing bodybuilder, and went on to serve a number of years in the British army in an airborne unit (9 para sqn RE). Today, I am a qualified fitness instructor and self published fitness author with several books to my name.

At first glance, it may appear like I am one of those guys who are genetically gifted and has had a head start when it comes to achieving extreme fitness results, but, in fact, this could not be further from the truth. I developed my fitness ambition as a direct result of not being physically gifted. If I were to start back at the beginning and I had my future self to guide me, I would save many years of mistakes, be able to spot the bad advices from the good ones and avoid the usual pitfalls, be able to start off with the right mind-set and ultimately hit my fitness goals in a fraction of the time it has taken me.

It is probably apparent from reading the above that my fitness achievements did not come to me easily. However, it is worth outlining the fact that perseverance was, and is, one of my strong points. I often stumbled along on my journey and even more often fell down completely, but I always got there in the end.

I would like to help all of my readers reach their respective fitness goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you have never hit a lofty fitness goal before, you will not be familiar with the wholesome feeling of achievement. Unfortunately, this feeling cannot be explained; it has to be earned and experienced first-hand.

The bodybuilding and fitness articles and routines that I have written and designed are a product of my personal experience and my fitness education. They are methods that are guaranteed to give you great fitness results. I have used and re-used these routines and plans both for myself and my clients and trainees. Everything you'll find here are all based on solid advice with no gimmicks or hype.

Since fitness development is a deep passion of mine, I am always more than happy to answer any question and help you a bit more if I can. So grab a routine and let me help you get your results. I’ll see you on the inside!