Beginner fitness tips. Where to start with fitness, fat loss or any other fitness aspiration?

This is my first video and it seems fitting that as I take my first steps into video creation, that the subject of these early videos are about beginner fitness tips and the first steps towards achieving real lasting fitness results.

It takes six steps to build a solid foundation and I believe that these beginner fitness tips are vital for long term success.

If you have always wanted to get started with fitness, lose a bit of weight, or even run a marathon but never known where to begin. This is a great starting point.

There are seven videos in this short series. These and these beginner fitness tips include:

      • Introduction to beginner fitness tips video series

    • Step 1 – Finding your reason

    • Step 2 – Positivity and mental robustness

    • Step 3 – Where to start with diet

  • Step 4 – Choosing a beginner exercise plan


  • Step 5 – Stick to the plan, remember your reason and stay consistent


  • Step 6 – Look at progression, tweaks and longer timescales

In this series, I have aimed to give solid advice that is based on my own experience. Although these fitness tips are aimed at the beginner, there is advice here that will be useful to all types of trainer. Its always good to visit the basics again, especially if you are not progressing as you are expecting to.

Each of these videos are recorded by myself and include actionable steps to help you prepare for your upcoming fitness success. If you would like to follow these beginner fitness tips and want to get the most out of them, I would suggest that you apply the steps with a weeks gap rather than doing it all at once.

I hope this helps and I look forward to helping you on your fitness journey!

All the best



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