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5 best practices to lower cholesterol

High cholesterol levels can be combated in a number of ways, without having to go on medication. Always consult with your doctor before making these changes and they’ll guide you in the right direction. Let’s look at how to lower cholesterol by changing your lifestyle with these top five tips. 1 - Healthy diet The number one way to lower cholesterol levels is by altering your diet, especially if you eat foods high in saturated fat and sugar. Go for healthier and lower fat options, rather than the saturated type you find in fatty foods like sausages, bacon and the

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Exercise routine to lower cholesterol

Exercise routine to lower cholesterol

One of the biggest causes of high cholesterol is obesity, and one of the biggest causes of obesity is lack of exercise. If you combine a healthy diet with regular exercise your chances of being able to lower cholesterol will be vastly improved. With that said let’s focus on the key points that make up a great exercise routine to lower cholesterol and look at activities and tips you can implement to improve overall health. Be consistent Without doubt the most important part of improving your fitness and being able to lower cholesterol levels through exercise is by working it

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Muscle building: the food essentials

muscle building

Muscle building can be difficult for many people so knowing exactly what you should eat is a good place to start. Through my extensive experience as a personal trainer and body builder I have tried plenty of different approaches to getting the right foods in at the right time to reach important muscle-building goals. In this article I give a thorough run down of some of the basics when it comes to food and nutrition for optimal muscle building. Read on for top tips then have a look at some of the other useful articles on this site that will

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Marathon & Half Marathon Training For Beginners Audio book.

Half Marathon Training For Beginners

The Marathon & Half Marathon Training For Beginners Audio book is here and it has been narrated by Matt Addis. I am really excited about this project and as always, want to help you hit your fitness goals! This time I want to share my personal experiences, trials and tribulations of my transformation from none runner to half marathon, full marathon and endurance runner. You can hear a sample of the book by following the link below. Look for the "Play" button and let it roll :-) Full and half marathon training for beginners, tips and advice through the power

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fitness and exercise motivation – Top 5 tips

Fitness and Exercise Motivation

About the author: James Atkinson ( “Jim” to his friends and readers” ) of JimsHealthAndMuscle.com is an ex airborne soldier, bodybuilder, long distance runner and fitness and exercise motivation guide. He is now a successful fitness author who loves nothing more than to see his readers achieve their fitness goals and change their lives for the better. Top 5 fitness and exercise motivation tips Introduction: Without the right motivation, any fitness or weight loss goal is almost definitely out of reach! How is it that some people can find it in themselves to achieve jaw dropping weight loss results that

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The 22 Best Pieces of Fitness Equipment for Home Workouts

Home workouts

Home workouts are very attractive! Not having to pay a gym membership is one thing, but there are a whole host of other benefits that are appealing to would be home workout enthusiasts. No travel time needed to get to a gym If you are new to training, you wont have to be daunted by the gym culture Free gym membership You can get great fitness results from your own living room Recently, I bumped into another home workout fanatic, also called James. James has put together a great guide for anyone who is looking to get into home workouts.

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how to prevent and cure lower back pain

standing back extensions

Low Back Pain Prevention tips & Strategies during Exercise and Treatment Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most prevalent medical conditions treated throughout the western world.  LBP is estimated to affect nearly 80% of the population at one time or another.  And worse yet, once you have experienced an episode of LBP you have a 90% chance of experiencing it again. The good news is that this is a completely preventable problem.  Most of us already know that we need to work on proper core strength.  However, too many of us either don’t dedicate enough time to the

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Neck and Shoulder Pain? What’s the cause?

Neck and Shoulder pain is very common. In my experience, there are plenty of fitness enthusiasts that have suffered, or continuously suffer with this problem. After a question from a reader that was along these lines, I was prompted to look into this and during my research, I found the "go to guy" who is far more qualified to help in this department than me. So I went ahead and asked him some questions and the owner of www.ThePhysicalTherapyAdvisor.com - Ben Shatto has very kindly offered to write a guest post. There is some great advice in this article that

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FREE Health and Fitness Books!

Yup! This is the latest deal that the guys over at Buck Books have come up with and this time its free Health and Fitness Books! This is why I'm involved. This is probably the last time that these free health and fitness books will indeed be free. Among these 30 free books, there are titles by myself and 29 others, including: Scott Abel, Ari Whitten, Maddy Moon, Brandon Carter, Summer Innanen, Mike Matthews, Steve Scott, and more! Every one of these free health and fitness books is of a good standard so there are no “cheap fillers” to bulk

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How to shape and tone your legs and bum

how to shape and tone your legs and bum

Are you looking to shape and tone your legs and bum but don't know where to start? OR Are you overwhelmed by all of the different ideas on how to shape and tone your legs and bum that you don't know which one to follow? If you agree with one or both of the above statements, you are in the right place! Over the years that I have been training myself and others I have come across several common problem areas that tend to be the main focus of a fitness goal. I can tell you that one of the

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