As a Bodybuilder, It is a Great Idea to Look Forward to Cheat Meals as Part of Your Bodybuilding Diet Plan!

What If your cheat meals weren’t actually cheat meals but only helped you progress with your efforts in building lean muscle?

As you may already know if you have read any of my other articles, I am a big eater, and I am always looking for ways to make my bodybuilding lifestyle and food choices that bit more exciting.

Here is a great idea that I came up with while eating a tub of fatty iced cream on my cheat day.


Healthy Protein Iced Cream

Like some of my other recipes, I had to make several attempts to get the measurement right before sharing with you.

So, if you give this a go, measure out the ingredients as I have advised here and you won’t go off track. Some protein powders are thicker than others, therefore, the consistency may vary. It is probably better using small measurements just as I have done here, if you are unsure.

This recipe is a very easy one to make. It is great for using as a cheat meal when you’re not looking to cheat. But, of course, this depends on the flavor of protein powder that you use!


Things You’ll Need:

A good blender / food processor. (The more air you can let in before freezing, the better the iced cream it will make).

A freezer.

A plastic tub or a bunch of small single serving tubs to freeze your iced cream in.

Almond milk (unsweetened and natural).

2-3 scoops of whey protein, your favorite flavor. (My buddy sells a chocolate orange whey at his gym, and that would be awesome!).

Ice cubes

A handful of cranberries, mixed nuts or dark chocolate. You can get creative here.


How To Make It:

Add the almond milk, whey protein and ice into the blender, and give it a good blast. You are looking to get the ice cubes dissolved and almost gone.

Once the above is mixed well, you can add the “extra bits” (cranberries, nuts, dark chocolate etc). You want these to stay pretty much intact, so blend only for a few short bursts, just to get the extras mixed in well.

Once you are satisfied with the mix, pour or spoon it into the container(s) that you are going to freeze your iced cream in. (If your mix is thin, you may want to make iced lollies / Popsicles; it will freeze a lot harder and is tricky to eat with a spoon).

Now. place it in the freezer overnight. You are all set to get stuck into your protein ice cream!

You can eat it right from the blender if you wish, but I prefer it after a stint in the freezer. Don’t worry, studies have shown that freezing whey protein does not cause it to lose its muscle building effect.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes

Note: You may want to convert it into ice lollies as some types of protein powder does not hold the air after blending and will go fairly solid! 


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