Bodybuilding routines that are progressive and will last you a full year!

Hi guys, over the last six months I have had a lot of people contact me and ask for advice on bodybuilding routines and muscle building programs.

So I decided to put together an in-depth and illustrated bodybuilding routine. This program will benefit beginners as well as more advanced bodybuilders.

This is not your usual 8 – 12 weeks bodybuilding program; this is a full year’s worth of progressive training. There are four separate bodybuilding routines broken down into four sections.

Each section is a 12-week bodybuilding routine and each of these 12-week routines is designed as a progressive follow-up of the previous, further stressing the muscles to ensure continued development.

I have used these bodybuilding routines as part of my “macro cycle” in the past and had some great results. I am actually training in this way right now and have just started the second 12-week section. You’re invited to join me!

Jim’s Weight Training & Bodybuilding Workout Plan is not only a routine for a full year. I have also added a lot more information and sections that cover all aspects that are vital to all great bodybuilding routines.

I also included much needed information about fundamentals, which are, surprisingly enough, not focused on in many of the mainstream muscle-building magazines and media. Finally, I included a guide for further progression after your year’s training is done!

This book will be of use to anyone who is interested in bodybuilding, regardless of which stage you’re coming in. If you have been lifting for several years and are looking for a new direction, this will give you some great ideas. You may not have seen this type of training before.

If you are a total beginner and would like to get started with this sport, there is no better position!

Unlike many other websites and organizations, I am very passionate about bodybuilding, which is why I write a lot on it. I really want my readers to ACTUALLY achieve good results. It is for this reason that this book will be of very great value for its small price of sale.

Jim’s Weight Lifting & Bodybuilding Workout Routine includes:

  • Why I wrote this book
  • Macro, meso, micro cycles
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • How to plan your macro cycle (your year’s training)
  • Lifting with correct form
  • A large illustrated section on the exercises that you will use (demonstrated by me)
  • Keeping your training simple
  • Isolation and compound movements explained
  • A section on sorting out your diet
  • The use of creatine
  • Supplements
  • Final notes before you get started
  • The full year’s training broken down and an explanation of why it is set out like this

Plus a few more bonus sections!

This book has 4 progressive bodybuilding routines to last you a full year’s macro cycle.


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