In my opinion, bodybuilding is a great way for anyone to train.

Like all of the other training styles, this, too, has many levels. If you are training for bodybuilding, this does not necessarily mean you are looking to end up on stage, or really tanned in some really small speedoes.

Although most people who join a gym don’t know it, they are starting off with the same goals as a bodybuilder –

“I want to join a gym to change my body shape.”

I think the best way to change your body shape is to train like a bodybuilder.

When consulting with people about what they want out of training, I often here, “I don’t want to lift a lot of weights because I don’t want to look big and muscular.”

The bottom line here is that muscle is very hard to get and maintain; it takes years of strict diet, supplementation and hard training.

As I always say, if you are a total beginner, you should start off with a general fitness program and build up to more intense training to avoid injury.

If you are into bodybuilding and you are looking for a good training and exercise routine, it may please you to know that I have designed a full year’s macro cycle.

This is a program that I use myself and have had great results with. This book is packed with information on diet, training, mindset, and much more. A truly great guide, if you are serious about getting results! Click here to find out more.

Weight training and bodbuilding

Since this book was released, it has received some great feedback and I have made a fair few new friends as a result of them following the training plan and contacting me directly for further advice.

The book has had thousands of downloads and I would like to give my best wishes and offer my ongoing support to all who continue to take up the challenge.

All the best