How to Boost Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is the key to losing weight. Whenever anyone starts a new fitness routine, (whether it be muscle building, weight loss, strength training etc.) I believe that one needs to create a good foundation by learning how to boost your metabolism naturally. This part of the process is often over looked by those wishing to get fast results and the actual physical training is seen as primary.

Now, in order to get the results that you really want, you must first get your body working as efficiently as possible. If your body is running like a well-oiled machine, you will get to your destination a whole lot easier. And like the well-known idiom, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 

Here are 3 easy-to-implement tricks explained in an easy-to-understand non-scientific method that will help you to boost your metabolism :


1) Don’t just do long steady state cardio sessions to boost your metabolism

You can start by doing a bit of interval training; go for a fast-paced walk and throw in a 30-second jog every few minutes or so to start with, or maybe even only 3 – 4 times on a 30-minute cardio session. Without going into the science and in simple terms, by doing this type of exercising, you are sort of shocking your body into short bursts of fast fat burning! So, more fat is burned on your cardio sessions.


2) Eat little and often

If you are eating little and often, your body will become used to “expecting” food. So, if you are eating 4 – 6 healthy small meals every day, your body will become more efficient at taking the fuel (food) that you give it and converting it into energy. If your body does this, it will also become more efficient at fat burning, which means that you will lose weight!


3) Do a bit of resistance training

Boost your metabolism by doing a few weight training sessions! The bottom line here is that, the more muscle that your body has, the more calories you will burn. Even when you are at rest! This does not mean that you have to be a huge bodybuilder and I know that training with weights puts a lot of women off. All you have to do is aim to have more muscle than body fat. Where I can, I will always prioritize resistance training over cardio for fat loss because more muscle means less fat! Training with weights will do wonders when it comes to boosting your metabolism!

So, by getting it right the first time, you minimize the risk of putting in a whole lot of hard work and seeing little results. If this happens to you, it will leave you vulnerable to the thought of throwing in the towel and giving up on your weight loss efforts, sitting back and accepting that, you are one of those people who can’t lose weight no matter what you do. 

Fair play to the guys who keep trying different types of diets and getting temporary results. This is admirable in and of itself because it shows that they do actually want to change. But as I outline in my book, many of these diets are temporarily driven. By temporary, I mean the results may last a few months to a few years, and then the unwanted weight slowly creeps back on.

Food and nutrition play a big part in sport and fitness and if your body is processing the fuel you give it with precision, you are already becoming a winner. You will become a fat-burning machine. I’m sure most people would agree that this is a great benefit.

This is where your metabolism comes in. By boosting your metabolism, you are actually giving yourself a good head start over anyone else who neglects this idea and jumps straight into the fitness side of things or “crash and fad” dieting.

Don’t get me wrong here; these guys may still get some good results but boosting your metabolism will give you the edge, and if the principals explained in my book are put into practice, there will be good long term results to look forward to.

Your metabolism is actually a process. To be more precise, it is thousands of processes that are happening in your body all of the time. If you help your body to work at these processes more efficiently, you will see many benefits ranging from easier fat loss to being less lethargic and more energetic.

I have heard many weird and wonderful things about metabolism, such as:

“It is the acidity in your stomach that makes you have a high metabolism!” 

“All you need to do is drink lots of water and eat less to boost your metabolism.” 

Hmmm, this is really not great advice. My book explains in detail how and why things work to boost your metabolism. Explained therein are the Catabolic and Anabolic processes that are going on in your body right now, and what these terms actually mean and how they affect weight loss and weight gain.

This book is written in a non-medical language so that non-medical people like myself can understand it. There is much more covered in this book. It would be a huge help to anyone interested in fitness or body composition change. I’d even recommend this book to people who are not interested in doing any exercise but would still like to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

I am aware that you will find many different ideas on boosting your metabolism, and some of them contradict my own. But I have personally used these methods on myself and my clients in the past and have had some great results.

So, for a fraction of the price of a take-away pizza, you can gain some very valuable and potentially life-changing information!

Good luck, and, as always, I am grateful for any feedback and happy to answer any of your questions on fitness training and lifestyle.

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Good luck with your training!

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