One of the biggest causes of high cholesterol is obesity, and one of the biggest causes of obesity is lack of exercise. If you combine a healthy diet with regular exercise your chances of being able to lower cholesterol will be vastly improved. With that said let’s focus on the key points that make up a great exercise routine to lower cholesterol and look at activities and tips you can implement to improve overall health.

Be consistent

Without doubt the most important part of improving your fitness and being able to lower cholesterol levels through exercise is by working it into your routine. Do something every day and you’ll soon start to see results. That doesn’t mean you have to get up tomorrow and go for a five-mile run; start with what you can manage and gradually build up.

Set goals and do a little more each day or week and results will follow. Use your firstExercise routine to lower cholesterol

workout as a bench mark and keep track of your progress by monitoring how long you’ve exercised for; the weights you’ve lifted or the intensity you’ve employed. There are many ways to keep track, just be consistent and keep doing a bit more when you feel you can.

Cardio benefits

Developing your cardio fitness will have a multitude of benefits for your entire body. As your fitness improves not only will you lose weight, your heart and respiratory system will start to strengthen too. With that you’ll develop more energy and feel a whole lot better than you have done when exercise has not been on the agenda.

Jogging is great but if you’re not ready for that you can walk. Cycling, swimming and playing sport are also going to make a big difference, but you don’t actually need to leave your house if you don’t want to. Get a quality home fitness programme for beginners and as long as you’ve got room you can even get fit in your own space.

Strength and flexibility

Another key component of a good fitness routine is working on strength and flexibility. You’ll develop a level of muscle through cardio exercise but you can improve that further by adding resistance work to your training. Whether it’s bodyweight, resistance bands, machines or free weights, a well-designed programme can give you a whole heap of added benefits. As you get stronger other exercise becomes easier too and your metabolism may well rev up, which can lead to an increased daily calorie burn.

Exercise routine to lower cholesterolOn top of strengthening you need to work on overall flexibility too, which can be with simple stretches or with yoga. Again you could go to the gym or you could do your strength and flexibility training at home, just make sure you consult a professional before you start.

The best type of exercise routine to lower cholesterol is one that encompasses a variety of cardio, strength and flexibility. Get into a regular habit and your body will experience a raft of benefits. In addition to lowering cholesterol, you’ll feel a whole lot better and your energy levels will rapidly increase. It’s all about starting slowly and gradually developing your efforts – do that, and you’ll soon be on a path to a much healthier you!