Looking to lose fat FAST? Here Are 3 Weight Loss Techniques You Should Avoid!

Why is it that when someone who has been piling up fat for many years finally decides that they want to lose weight, they gravitate towards the super-fast fat loss products and pills? This frustrates me massively! It’s like deciding that I want to become a millionaire and then hedging my bets on a lotto win. We all know that it’s very unlikely that I’m going to drop the lottery and hit my goal overnight.

It’s the same with fat loss! There is a HUGE number of fad diets, gimmicks, supplements and false hope programs on the market today that actually sell more than the true, “real life” information products that actually work!

Why? Because people want that fast-fat-loss quick-fix, that lotto win. Sure, you can go on any starvation diet and shock your metabolism and the rest of your body into losing the fat you’ve accrued over the years, just like I could go out, rob a bank and have all of that money for a short time; but this is probably not a good idea because, as soon as I’m caught, I lose my quick-fix-it money and will probably end up worse off than before.

Just like a fast-fat-loss gimmick or quick-fix unsustainable starvation diet, I’m sitting in my prison cell and feeling sorry for myself with not a penny to my name. The sad thing is that most people will never get out of this mentality. They will be sitting in all that mess while planning their next bank robbery! Or fast fat loss venture?

The point is; if you want to lose weight and have the body and fitness that you have always wanted, you need to understand that you must work for it, and work for the long term. It becomes a lifestyle rather than a flash in the pan. Do you see my metaphor here?

The purpose of this article is to outline 3 popular fast fat loss methods that you should avoid!


Fast Fat Loss Product #1: Weight Loss Patches

This is a massive money spinner! On doing a bit of research on “diet patches,” I was gobsmacked at the number of brands of diet patches that are actually available and actually selling like hot cakes!

On most of the products that I viewed, I saw no scientific evidence that these work, and there was not even an ingredient list. The product description, for many (if not all of them), advise that you should drink 6 – 10 glasses of water per day to flush toxins.

Guess what? If you keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water, you will actually be suppressing your appetite anyway. By drinking regular water, your body will also start functioning better, holding less water — and you will lose weight.

On some of the weight loss patches that I viewed, to be fair, there was an ingredient list. This gave the game away somewhat as I imagine that all of these products are similar. The ingredients listed were things like green tea, Acai berry extract, and other such herbal natural antioxidants.

These things can be picked up a whole lot cheaper if you want to go down this road and if you are serious about losing weight. Green tea is a good product, but it is not a “deal breaker.” You should sort out your diet and lifestyle before deciding to buy supplements to help you along.

So, as you can probably tell, I am not a fan of diet patches. Do yourself a favour and save your money.


Fast Fat Loss Product #2: Carb Blockers

There are pills and tonics available that will stop your body from absorbing fat or carbs. This, to me, is insane! People will buy these supplements and not even consider the food they are putting into their body, so this does not solve anything at all.

The way these carb and fat blockers work is that they do what it says on the tin; without getting too scientific, they block the fat and carbs from being absorbed into the body system and send them right through as waste. So you may as well just put your carbs straight down the toilet along with the money that you were going to spend on the pills themselves.

I can understand that many people who want to lose weight will see the attraction in this type of product but if you decide to go ahead and give this a go, you will have missed the whole point of a healthy weight loss.

This is also not sustainable and you will eventually stop using these blockers and regain any weight that you may have lost.


Fast Fat Loss Product #3: Diet Pills

Diet pills are very popular. The idea behind these diet pills is that they will suppress your appetite, speed up your heart rate or do both.

Thankfully, products that contain ingredients like Ephedrine are no longer freely available. Not so long ago, this was not a controlled substance and it found its way into the counter of fat loss and diet pills. If you are taking any pills for fat loss or as an appetite suppressant, you should check the label for “Ephedrine,” “Ephedra,” or “Ma Huang.” These substances can make your heart race, cause you to feel anxious and give you the shakes.

The most common diet pills on the market today make use of caffeine and green tea. These are stimulants. The basic theory behind taking stimulants to lose weight is that your heart or other organs’ processes are elevated so that your body is working harder.

That’s basically what happens when you do any exercise, and, in my opinion, nothing beats some natural regular exercise. If you are thinking of taking any diet pills that are stimulant-based, you should know that these won’t give you anywhere near the same result as a brisk 30- or even 15-minute walk every day.



When starting out with fat loss or fitness, most people will look for the quick fix and super fast fat loss products. I personally know a fair few overweight people who have been “trying to lose weight” for years and have had no success. They have tried all of the diets, fads and gimmicks and are still overweight and frustrated. I know that if these guys followed my advice, they would be very happy with the fat loss results after only six months, and they would never look back.

If you have never been into the healthy lifestyle before and have decided that it’s time to start, you will probably not realise what it actually takes to get the results that you really want. There are no overnight fixes or magic pills. It all boils down to education, consistency and a bit of willpower.

However, it may take a bit of time for you to realise that diet supplements are just that: “supplements” to be added to give you a slight edge on your journey. It is your attitude and choices that you make for yourself that will guarantee great fat loss results.


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