Everyone who attempts to achieve a fitness goal will need fitness motivation help at some point. From the beginner to fitness to the driven athlete.

This fitness motivational help can come in many forms. Sometimes it can come from a visual aide, sometimes it can be a few spoken words from a close friend or family member and other times it can be a thought that is buried within your own mind.

I have always firmly believed that the psychological aspect of achieving a fitness goal is by far and away the hardest part of the endeavor and I would like to demonstrate a real life account of my theory.

If you find yourself in need of a bit of fitness motivational help, take some time to listen to the following audio clip. It is a short chapter that features in the audio version of my book:

“Fitness & Exercise Motivation”

Fitness and Exercise Motivation

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Fitness motivation help – Mental robustness:

This short chapter of the book outlines the importance of mental robustness. I truly believe that the development of mental robustness is a key factor when it comes not only to fitness success but when it comes to general personal development.

I hope that this little bit of fitness motivation help can give you a small amount of entertainment along with some practical advice.

Remember that this is a true story and a conscious decision to quit can be a life changing experience as can a conscious decision to stick to it and carry on. You may be a lot closer to the finish line than you think!

When it feels hopeless, just stick with it, it will always pay off.

As always, I would be happy to answer any questions and lend a helping hand where I can so please feel free to reach out.

Good luck with your fitness goals!

All the best