The Power of Fitness Motivational Quotes Should Not Be Under-Estimated!

If you are a member of any fitness, weight loss club or even facebook fan page, you will have (no doubt) seen plenty of motivational quotes.

These fitness motivational quotes are, in my opinion, an extremely helpful and powerful tool. Fitness motivational quotes are sometimes just enough to give you that push out of the door when the rain is pouring and the wind is howling.

Staying motivated and determined to carry on is one of the hardest things to do in the fat loss / fitness game. That said, it is also one of the greatest life lessons that I have experienced… so far! Stick to your plan, no matter what! It then becomes a guarantee that you will get your results!

Year after year, there are millions of people failing to stick to their weight loss plans and ending back at square one, only to build themselves up to trying again later. And the cycle continues until, eventually, the “would’ve been” success story just accepts that this is the way it is and gives up.

I hate to see this happen. Every time I hear that someone has quit on their diet or fat loss plans, I am filled with disappointment. This is true even if they are a stranger to me!

Needless to say, if I see a success story, I am delighted and I usually go out of my way to make that person aware of the respect that I have for them.

I want EVERYONE reading this to be a success story! Please, don’t quit. I am always here to help, so feel free to contact me and I will do my very best to help you reach your goals!

In this post, I have taken five fitness motivational quotes from my book, Swap Fat 4 Fit. You can print these off and use them as your very own “Tools.”


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5 Fitness Motivational Quotes

#1. It is always a great idea to remember why you started. When things start to get hard, this is easy to forget:

Motivation for fitness


#2. I have also met many people who will not go out and do cardio sessions or join a gym. This is because they feel that they look silly doing the exercise because they are out of shape. If this is you, just remember:

Start fitness to be great

#3. There are many people who think that they do not have enough time to workout. You will get an awful lot of benefit from even a 30-minute workout every day, so think about this:

Find the time for a workout

#4. Everyone has a dream. I know that some dreams are easier to accomplish than others, but, in my opinion, weight loss is a very achievable dream for most people. This is because the only person that you have to rely on is yourself: people will help you, but it ultimately comes back to YOU who remain responsible for your success.


Dicipline goals and accomplishment

#5. This is another fitness motivational quote that I feel stops people from even trying to get their results. At the beginning of your fitness and fat loss journey, it will be hard to start or even imagine yourself doing the things that you will be doing a year from your start date. So, remember before you start:

Inspire others motivation

I hope that these fitness motivational quotes and comments have been useful. It would be great to hear your thoughts. If this article has helped you, please leave your comment below, stating what and how 🙂

Please, give me a shout out if you have any questions. This website is fairly new, so if you have any concerns about fitness or fat loss for the beginner, feel free to contact me and i will consider creating a post on your question. Full anonymity guaranteed!

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By James Atkinson


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