After working with women of all ages, shapes and sizes — in their bid to reach their various fitness and aesthetic goals — I noticed that there were always some common issues and problem areas that would re-occur from client to client.

When asking the questions, “What would you like to improve about your body, and what do you consider as your weakness?” the same answers would pop up.

Here is a list of some of them:

  • How to get rid of baby fat
  • Get rid of cellulite fast
  • Reduce weight gain after the menopause
  • Tighten “Bingo wings”
  • Tone thighs and bum

Soon, I realized that most women have more areas of their bodies that they would like to improve and work on, and are more sensitive about these issues, than most men.

This became the inspiration for my latest book. I know that, in my previous publications, I have addressed weight loss by correct dieting, speeding up of the metabolism, and the fundamentals of success as it relates to your fitness goals. But, as I realized that many of my readers were females, I decided to go more direct and specific.

This book has been written to compliment the series, Your First Steps Towards, which ended a while back. It also outlines the problems that many women face with fitness goals and tackles these problems head on. If you want to save time, effort and frustration when it comes to getting the results that you want, then you cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

This book has already garnered some great reviews from many satisfied customers. You can read these reviews by clicking here.


This review is from: Fitness For Women Of Any Age (Kindle Edition)

When I see a book specifically for women, I am always afraid that it’s just the same material repackaged with a woman on the cover! Certainly not the case here! Some of the exercises provided (yes, there are actual exercises in the book), will, of course, work for anyone but I really like how the author relates the fitness regimen to actual issues that only women deal with. Menopause, baby weight, cellulite. These are all sensitive and alarming issues for women but they are also physical issues, and being able to make the connection between each of these and your fitness routine is very helpful. Good book with good information.”


I also wanted to provide a quick but effective routine that even the busiest mom could do from her very own home. I aimed to target all of the usual weaknesses women face with fitness training, and I truly believe that if this short exercise programme is followed consistently for a month or two, the results will be very visible.

A month or two may sound like a long time to many people, but, as you may already know if you have read any of my other works, I am a Realist and I do not buy into (or endorse) gimmicky products that promise the customers unrealistic results. One or two months is a really short time in the world of training results and if you do see results after this short time, then you are onto something good 🙂

I really hope that this book helps you out! As always, I am more than happy to answer any of your questions or concerns. Remember that I DO want you to get great results for your efforts. I am very passionate about this subject. If there is anything that I can help you with, please contact me.

Oops, I almost forgot: you can get your copy of Fitness For Women Of Any Age by clicking here or on the cover image below.


Good luck with your training!