How do you get a six pack and a great set of abs, hmm? By doing 100, 200, 500 or even 1000 sit-ups or crunches everyday? Perhaps spending a bit of money on a 3-min / day abs machine like the ab crunch (or some electric pads that you can use while you watch the TV) would be an even better way to get that ripped washboard look?

There’s a lot of hype out there about six pack abs and “how to get a great look” with money-spinning products and the amount of products that are on sale — and, by all accounts, are actually selling!

The truth is that, to get a set of abs, you need to drop your body fat percentage. It’s probably even possible to get a six pack without doing a single sit-up or crunch! If you are weightlifting with correct form, you will be working your abs on every rep of every set anyway.

Everybody has abs; they are just not visible because of the body fat percentage. Doing abdominal exercises alone will not create a six pack. To get the washboard look, you need to drop your body fat %. This is only done with correct diet and a bit of cardio.


What are abs workouts good for?

Abdominal exercises are very useful, but not 100% for the aesthetics — as most people think. By strengthening your stomach muscles, you will strengthen your “core.” This means that you will be protecting your back and spine. I would always advise that, if doing regular abdominal workouts, back muscles are not neglected. I think the best exercises to use to even things up are rows and or dorsal raises.

Dorsal raises should also be done at the end of a work-out (in my opinion). The reason is because this will fatigue the muscle and leave your lower back open to the chance of an injury if other exercises follow.

One of the best ab exercises for me is crunches, using a Swiss ball. The picture above this post is the six pack I achieved in a bodybuilding show dated September 2012. The only ab exercise I did to get this look was Swissball crunches. Believe it or not, I only did 3 – 4 sets, 25 -12 reps of Swissball crunches (with very strict form) four times per week. Diet and cardio is definitely the answer to your six pack abs problem.


How do I lose belly fat and get a six pack then?

I have used the term “body fat%” above. This is because that’s exactly what your body fat is; a “percentage” of you. Unfortunately, there are no exercises to lose belly fat.

Now this makes it hard (if not impossible) to target fat loss in a specific area. If you want fat to go from your belly, you have to stick to a diet and cardio plan until it eventually decides to start dropping off. Sadly, this is usually the last place it decides to start burning from. But if you are sticking to a program or diet that is working, just stick at it and it will start to happen!