I have heard this statement a lot.

I have seen it on Youtube videos, TV programs, and in magazines. Have you ever said or even thought to yourself, “I’m fat and need help?” If this is you, you should be interested in this article because surgery and crash dieting is not the answer.

If I sat down on any week night and turned on the TV, I’ll bet a pound to a penny that I can find an I’m-fat-and-need-help program. Fat Families, Super Size vs Super Skinny, The Biggest Loser, My Big Fat Diary, Secrete Eaters and the list goes on.

A lot of these shows are educational in a way as they expose bad habits and the amount of bad food that is consumed by most of the guys on the show.

Much of the time on these TV shows, they usually have a revisit episode at the end. This is something like, six months later and the person who was featured in a previous show is back in an interview showing an impressive loss of weight and looking noticeably different, which will really boost the motivation of the viewer who would like to achieve similar results.

I am a big fan of seeing someone go from very overweight to slim and toned. These body transformations are all down to getting the foundations right before you start any weight loss venture.


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A home exercise plan for beginners

“Home Workout For Beginners”

If I was overweight, had no motivation, but knew what I know now, I would start my weight loss / fitness journey with this 6-week home workout.

Good luck, and remember that I am always happy to help wherever I can.