Jim’s Weight Training & Bodybuilding Workout Plan

If I were to go back and start my weight lifting journey from the beginning, this is the plan that I would follow.

Hi, my name is James Atkinson (“Jim” to my friends and readers). I am a qualified fitness coach, ex- airborne forces (British army), and I have a very diverse past in health and fitness. From personal training, long distance running to competition bodybuilding, it is fair to say that I have changed the shape and condition of my body more than most.


Since my early teens I have been involved in weight lifting and resistance training of some description. I am now into my thirties. Starting off in a powerlifting environment, the doors to a new world of resistance training were thrown wide open in front of me. The possibilities of what could be achieved with the correct weight training and diet inspired me to start work on building my own body into something that I could be proud of.

However, it would take me around eight to ten years before I found the correct path and begin to actually get some results. I will admit that I am not the quickest of learners, but if I was given the correct advice from the start, today, I would no doubt be leaps and bounds ahead of the physical development that I currently hold.

This book has a full year of progressive weight training laid out in the form of four “sub routines”. Each one of the workouts is a progression from the previous one. This means continued muscular development. And the great thing about this kind of training is that you can repeat it year after year, if you wish.

Some of the information included in this book:

  • Vital fundamental material on training mentality, planning, diet and motivation.
  • 4 x 12-week progressive exercise plans.
  • Explanation of the training year, and why you are training in this way.
  • Illustrated descriptions of all exercises included.
  • Accountability charts to keep you on track.
  • Optional healthy cooking recipes (Reader Bonus).
  • And more…




This book is written for anyone who is interested in developing their body with the use of resistance training. This type of training can be used not only for building muscle mass but for fat loss and toning alike.

If you are new to the weight lifting and bodybuilding world, you will benefit a lot more from this book; but on the flip side, if you have been in the game for a while and would like a few ideas to develop your knowledge further, you will also find this book useful.

I wish you the very best with your training and I look forward to hearing of your success!

Keep on lifting!


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