The Marathon & Half Marathon Training For Beginners Audio book is here and it has been narrated by Matt Addis.

I am really excited about this project and as always, want to help you hit your fitness goals! This time I want to share my personal experiences, trials and tribulations of my transformation from none runner to half marathon, full marathon and endurance runner.

You can hear a sample of the book by following the link below. Look for the “Play” button and let it roll 🙂

Full and half marathon training for beginners, tips and advice through the power of audio can be heard in full by CLICKING HERE

Here’s what readers said about the kindle/ paperback versions of Marathon training for beginners:

Amazon Verified Purchase, Chris Naish
“Any book that can capture your imagination and get you motivated with personal tales is (in my honest opinion) brilliant.. That’s rare in a Kindle book!”

Amazon Verified Purchase, Craig
“The author goes into so much detail from the shoes, to posture, to dieting, to your mental state. Not only that, but it is written in a supportive, uplifting way”

Amazon Verified Purchase, Lucy Croft
“This will no doubt save the budding long distance runner from a lot of potential setbacks. All in all a solid runners guide!”

Amazon Verified Purchase, ReBel
“What he delivers is much, much MORE than knowledge. He delivers Value. WELL Worth the price of admission and Then Some!”


If you are looking for help and advice on marathon or half marathon training for beginners tips and advice, you are in the right place.

During my own lengthy fitness adventure, half marathon, full marathon and endurance running training in general did not come to me as naturally as some of the other methods of training that I have been involved in.

In fact, when I was younger and someone had told me that in a few years I would be able to run a half marathon or even the daunting twenty six miles of a full marathon with confidence, I would have laughed in their face.

I hope that you enjoy the book and further more, I hope that you can use my advice and avoid some of the costly mistakes that I made in order to cross your finish line before I ever did.

I look forward to hearing of your running success!

All the best