Are you new to the fitness world and want to get into shape, but don’t know where or HOW to start?

I know, from experience, that if you are in the boat I just described above, or even confronting this dilemma right now, it is extremely confusing to know what to do when you consider all of the “Get Fit Fast!” “Lose Fat Fast!” and “Ultimate Results!” fitness programs on the market today.

I have seen some fitness programs advertised that literally made my jaw drop by the outrageous claims and “Clever Marketing” strategies.

Many of these fitness programs are advertised to make people (especially people who are just starting out with fitness or weight loss and have no knowledge of what it really takes to get results) think that they will get great results in a short time from a certain way of training.

I do agree that some methods are better than others when it comes to getting results, but you need to know and understand the basics. The bottom line is that, to get good results with any fitness programme, you need to be consistent with your training programme and diet.

A few years ago, I used to train in a mainstream gym. I did not socialise with anybody; I simply attached myself to the tunes from my iPod, and trained.

Between sets, I observed other members at the gym and how they trained. I always respected the very overweight members who were here with me, working on their weight loss goals. I admire these guys because I know how hard it is to actually commit to going to the gym. I will just say that if you are overweight and you are putting off joining a gym because you are afraid of what other members of gym will think of you, you’re wrong. They will most likely encourage you.

As I was resting between a set of squats one day, I noticed a guy training with assisted body-weight exercises in the form of a circuit. This guy was very overweight (and let’s call him Jo). A good way to train, in my opinion. But as he was obviously not used to exercising, Jo would only train for about 10 minutes and become exhausted and end his training.

I started to see Jo in the gym nearly every time I was training. He did the same thing every time I saw him.

Almost a year later, and Jo was still training; but he was now training for 45 mins to 1 hr and he was using full body-weight exercises, but still in the form of a circuit. For some reason, Jo still wore the same gym clothes that he started in and they were hanging off him. He looked like he was wearing his dad’s clothes. Jo had progressed and he had achieved some truly amazing results.

This is a true story and the point of it is that Jo had got it right! All he needed to get these results was the basics, which meant a bit of knowledge of exercise choices, and of diet, consistency over time, and progression.

He did not need to spend hundreds of £ or $ on fad training; he just did the basics over time and reaped what he had sown.

I am very aware that people will start out with a fat loss or fitness venture with high hopes after buying the latest “Number ONE” training programme, yet fail to get results in the first week as the claims in the advert suggests. This is a massive shame because the initial expectation has been lost and hopes have burned out.


In light of this new knowledge, I have designed a total beginner’s course for YOU. If I were to go back to the very beginning of my fitness journey, knowing what I know now, this is the programme that I would follow and stick to!

I have designed a 6-Week Training Programme that is progressive! It won’t take too much time to train, and you can do the workouts from your home with minimal equipment. This will save you money on gym memberships (and you can join a gym later — if you wish).

You can read more about this training programme by clicking here.

P.S. Don’t look for the “ultimate fat loss” package because it doesn’t exist! That’s the truth! If you can grab those fast-talking clever marketers by the neck and force them to tell you the truth, they will tell the same thing. All the noises and breakthrough discovery all boils down to this:

  • Basic knowledge of exercise choices and diet
  • Consistency over time
  • Progression.