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fitness and exercise motivation – Top 5 tips

About the author: James Atkinson ( “Jim” to his friends and readers” ) of JimsHealthAndMuscle.com is an ex airborne soldier, bodybuilder, long distance runner and fitness and exercise motivation guide. He is now a successful fitness author who loves nothing more than...

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how to prevent and cure lower back pain

Low Back Pain Prevention tips & Strategies during Exercise and Treatment Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most prevalent medical conditions treated throughout the western world.  LBP is estimated to affect nearly 80% of the population at one time or another.  And...

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Neck and Shoulder Pain? What’s the cause?

Neck and Shoulder pain is very common. In my experience, there are plenty of fitness enthusiasts that have suffered, or continuously suffer with this problem. After a question from a reader that was along these lines, I was prompted to look into this and during my...

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How to shape and tone your legs and bum

Are you looking to shape and tone your legs and bum but don't know where to start? OR Are you overwhelmed by all of the different ideas on how to shape and tone your legs and bum that you don't know which one to follow? If you agree with one or both of the above...

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