Want to start weight loss the right way?

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Health & Fitness Tips That Will Change Your Life

Health and Fitness tips that will change your life was actually inspired by the earlier book “Fitness and exercise motivation”.

After the launch of Fitness and exercise motivation, it did very well and had some great feedback. It also opened up some great opportunities for me to connect with people that bought. I always consider myself very lucky that I am able to hear from readers of my work as it gives me insight into what else I can do to make their journey to fitness success more direct and comfortable.

This contact also helps me to build my business by giving me ideas for more guides. The book Health and Fitness Tips that will change your life was such a guide. Identifying your motivation and then starting a fitness plan is the best start for anyone who wants to earn any type of fitness result and for a lot of people this is enough of a catalyst to keep things moving forward with a fitness venture, but for so many other people there needs to be a few extra steps.

This is where Health and Fitness Tips That Will Change Your Life comes in. From my experience, I know that whether you want to drop body fat, build muscle, build strength or even develop stamina, you need to have a long term plan and develop good habits and routine that fits around your lifestyle. Without this, you the fitness project may put too much strain on your motivation and life outside of the fitness goal.

So the book is aimed at total beginners who have a fitness goal but don’t know where to start with the planning side of things. It also lays out a full year of tweaks and changes that can be implemented directly or can be changed for something more fitting to the reader.

I really enjoyed writing this book and the planning side of it was especially fun. At the beginning of the planned out year as per the book, the changes and tweaks suggested seem pretty easy to implement, but the long term effect of some of these is hugely positive. Towards the end of the years plan, some of the steps will seem very ambitious, but due to all of the other changes and tweaks, when the reader finally gets there, they should be able to take these challenges in their stride!

One of the main aims of health and fitness tips that will change your life is to help the readers confidence and turn a mind-set that says “I don’t’ know if I can do that” to a mind-set that says “Yes! I will do that and I will do it well”

When it comes to confidence in my own abilities, I have not always believed in myself, but one of the biggest lessons from fitness that I have learned is that if you work hard and smart at a goal and never give up, you can achieve more that you ever thought possible and if I can do this stuff, then anyone can!

I hope that you enjoy reading and following this fitness book as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

All the best


Want to start weight loss the right way?

Read the eBook, the paperback or listen to the audio…