Home Workout For Beginners

Crunches for beginnerThis book is aimed at the total beginner. I fully understand how overwhelming it can be to start a weight loss venture in this day and age. There’s so much fitness training and weight loss information out there vying for your attention and often these ideas can contradict each other.

The idea of this beginner fitness training guide is to explain the basics of weight loss and muscle toning. It’s true that there are many different ways to achieve weight loss through diet and exercise but the fundamentals always remain the same and are often completely overlooked by the beginner.

The main intention of this beginner fitness book is to make sure these fitness fundamentals are understood by the new beginner to fitness and exercise by giving a solid explanation and step by step guide to making the six week beginner fitness programme invaluable.

Not only does this beginner guide have a progressive nature, but it also has an in-depth explanation of why you are doing what you are doing. I for one always like to know the method behind the practical and therefore believe that if this is understood, there is a lot more scope for improvement. And we are all looking to improve!

All of the fitness guides that I write are based on my experience and they are written from hindsight i.e. “If I knew what I know now and I had to start right from the beginning, this is what I would do“.

During my twenty years plus in the fitness training game I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons and as a result I was sought out by a lot of people; Friends, friends of friends and people looking for a personal trainer to help them lose weight for the first time. It became apparent to me that these guys were all very lost with a starting point, many had unrealistic expectations and their mind-set needed tweaking somewhat.

This inspired me to actually take the steps to write a no nonsense fitness guide for the beginner. Having a solid plan, getting your head in the game and being organised was the first step and then understanding the weeks of training ahead was the next step. This way when the training actually started, routine would be established, progression would be made, body fat percentage would drop, muscle tone and strength would improve, cardio fitness would develop and as a result this would spur on motivation meaning there would be a significantly increased chance of seeing it through to the point where the trainer might never go back to a life without fitness training.

On release the book was well received and was my first real success as a self-published fitness author. Just like my fitness career, I made mistakes in this game and learned as I went (If only there was a very successful self-published fitness author out there who could have written a no nonsense, gimmick free self-publishing guide for me when I started out…. This may be an opportunity for me to diversify! J )

Since the release of the kindle version of home workout for beginners, I have had it published in paperback and there is now an audio version of the book. The audio version of home workout for beginners has all of the theory information at the beginning but it also has a real time narration of the training routines that can be followed as it happens. I think it’s a pretty neat concept and should be a great training aid.

If you are interested in the Home workout for beginners book, I would love to hear how you get on with the training and as always I am here to help, so give me a shout if you have any questions, comments or struggle with any aspect of the training. Remember struggling with motivation is also a real factor and I can probably help with this too.