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Marathon Training And Distance running was first published in 2014 but has had a few tweaks and updates to the running book since then. The latest update was a fairly big one adding a few new sections including a chapter on the idea of barefoot running.

The whole barefoot running concept is fairly new to me and after looking into it and applying what I already know about running techniques, my previous experience a bit of research and some practical testing I believe there is a lot of merit to barefoot running.

Barefoot running form and the theory behind it was actually the catalyst for the most recent update to the marathon training book. I felt that running barefoot was definitely worth mentioning in a book on distance running and if I were a beginner looking for running advice in general I would certainly benefit from knowing a bit about the whole barefoot running concept.

Aside from adding a bit of new content to the marathon training book I also wanted to reach a wider audience and as I had just made my first steps into the audiobook world with fitness and exercise motivation I decided to give Matt Addis (The narrator of Fitness and Exercise Motivation) a shout and see if he was up for another narrating gig. He was, so we got to work on making a marathon running audiobook!

Marathon Training and distance running has been available in ebook and paperback format since 2014 and it has had a few updates since but the big update came in 2017 when the audiobook was published on audible.

As with all of my fitness guides, Marathon Training and distance running is a book that is written based on my experience and the most valuable experience that I have had in terms of running was from my time in the British army. My running development was one hell of a journey! This is why I like to draw on real life experiences that I had that shaped my progression.

Matt has done a great job narrating this running book on audible as it shows by the reviews. The audio book version of marathon training and distance running has been very popular and continues to sell very well in the UK and US. The kindle and paper back versions of this running book are available through Amazon too and they have also been popular.

I really enjoyed writing this running book as it bought back so many memories and further reinforced my belief in what is possible in fitness development when you get the basics right.

Although this book has some good information for most ability levels of runners, before even I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard J ) in the creation of this guide, the idea was to create a running book that was for the beginner. As I’ve had such a long and varying career in fitness with many failures before success, the theme with all of my fitness guides is to share with readers what I would do if I could go back to the start knowing what I know now. I would love to share my failings and mistakes with others on the same journey so that they can get great fitness results in a fraction of the time that it took me and without the setbacks that I encountered. Setbacks cause a knock to motivation and a knock to motivation can cause an abandonment of a fitness goal or any goal for that matter.

I would like to leave you with an excerpt from the paperback version of the running book. Please see below and if this peaks your interest, please click the link somewhere on this page to find out a bit more about the book.

I look forward to hearing how your running development is coming along!

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