Fitness podcast for a beginner?

beginner fitness podcastThe AudioFitTest Podcast was created to be the fittest podcast out there!… Do you see what we did there?

Well we had to think of a name that was snappy and relevant, but hopefully the optional witticism is appreciated!

The idea of this fitness podcast is to dish out information on all things health, fitness, positive lifestyle and mind-set in the form of twenty minute bitesize chunks. Each episode will fixate on something related to health, fitness training, diet, weight loss etc. and will be delivered in a friendly informative manner by Jim of JimsHealthAndMuscle.com.

Jim (James Atkinson, the host) is not a professional voice over artist and has been known to record a full episode with his mic on mute and get tangled up in his head phones (to be fair, this only happened once). Luckily, he managed to rope in the narrator of his audio books (Matt Addis) to introduce a few of the episodes to give it a professional feel out of the gates.

Since starting the show Jim has learned a whole lot about recording, editing and performing and is on the verge of being able to say that – Not only does he have a face for radio but is developing a good voice to make up for it.

For what Jim lacks in professionalism when it comes to creating a fitness podcast, he more than makes up for in fitness knowledge. He has over twenty years’ personal experience in all types of fitness training including fat loss, long distance running, endurance training, bodybuilding competition and has good qualifications as an instructor in the field too. Jim always looks to get results from training routines in the most efficient manner possible but also emphasises that achieving results from fitness training of any kind is not an overnight thing.

Jim is very passionate about training and this is why he decided to create a fitness podcast aimed at the beginner. He has a special interest in beginner fitness as he knows how much potential every single person has and unlocking this potential in a beginner to fitness or weight loss in particular is absolutely life changing!

If you are a beginner to training, weight loss, diet, creating a positive mind-set or you are just unsure how or where to get started on your life changing journey and you would like a no nonsense, gimmick free fitness podcast delivered by a real person who understands your situation then the AudioFitTest podcast will almost certainly help you out!

This is a new fitness podcast that aims to deliver at least one episode per month. As the AudioFitTest is a new podcast it would be great to get some new listeners and subscribers on-board. It would be awesome to have you join us and we would love to be a small part of your fitness success story!

Jim will always help out where he can so feel free to reach out if you have any questions on fitness or lifestyle.