If you are interested in losing a whole bunch of weight and turning your life around, and want a realistic weight loss plan to follow, you need to understand what it will take to reach your goals.

Everyone loves the idea of being able to shed 30 – 40 pounds every week but is this realistic weight loss? Of course not!

With all the “quick fix” weight loss products and diets plans that promise unrealistic results freely available, the market for unrealistic weight loss is thriving! The most valuable piece of information that I truly believe will help you get your realistic weight loss results for the long term is this:


“Educate yourself on how your body functions, and work with it!”

This doesn’t sound as sexy and easy as taking a few “fat blocking” pills or laxative syrup that will make you lose 10 lbs per week and look good strutting on a beach for the short summer.

I can totally understand how the mentality of society has been moulded so that people accept, believe and are taken in by clever marketing of quick fix weight loss products.

Not only do these products, starvation and crash diets burn massive holes in your wallets but many of these are very stressful for your body and can actually cause further weight gain after the product has been used!

If you are actively looking for realistic weight loss advice, you are on the right track.

Here are some of the key points for getting realistic weight loss results. Follow these and you can’t go wrong!


Realistic Weight Loss #1:

Forget the testimonials for “Amazing” quick fix products.

If you see a product that shows before and after pics and has a very short timescale on the promised results, be wary. If it sounds too good to be true, the likelihood is that it is too good to be true.
Many supplements will even state that they are to be used with a calorie controlled diet. This means that you have to be eating healthily and also eating the recommended amount of calories in order to achieve your target weight.

This, to me, renders the product almost useless!

Don’t get me wrong; there are some good supplements out there that will aid in realistic weight loss but they are exactly that: supplements.

You can use things like green tea and the like, but it is important to understand that, ultimately, it is your diet and lifestyle that are the principal factors to determine your realistic weight loss success.


Realistic Weight Loss #2:

Educate Yourself!

“Knowledge is power!” When you learn any skill, you can build on it and become a master at it. Once you have the knowledge, no one can take it away from you.

If you practice and practice, you will become increasingly better at your skill. This is true of skills like bricklaying, computer programming and marketing.

Believe it or not, weight loss is exactly the same! It takes time to learn, but once you have the knowledge, you also have the power. Find yourself a good teacher and practice what they are preaching.

Take forum advice with a pinch of salt. It is often the case on forums that it is the blind leading the blind; you will get overloaded with information and many people will have differing opinions, approaches and contradicting advice.

As you learn more about realistic weight loss for yourself, you will be able to see what I mean.

Below are a few places to start.


Realistic Weight Loss #3:

Stick to your plan and focus.

As mentioned briefly in point 2, you need to stick to your plan and focus on any exercise or program until you have given it a fair shot.

It is a common mistake that the beginner to weight loss, or any type of fitness for that matter, will start off with a great plan, but a week or two into it, they will read or hear about someone else who has achieved the results that they would like and the beginner will drop what they are doing in favour of the “new way.”

This continues, and as the beginner keeps chopping and changing on their routine, diet ideas, etc., they never come close to achieving the results they desire. Finally, they’d resolve that their lack of weight loss is due to “bad genetics” or something similar.

It is worth spending some time planning, if you really want weight loss results. Do some research and get yourself sorted out with a plan. Research these areas:

  • General routine: How you will go about fitting in food prep, eating times and exercise times in your daily life.
  • Food: What foods will you be eating throughout the week? It’s best to plan this for week blocks. Research and create your shopping list.
  • Exercise: Get yourself a solid exercise plan that you can do at least three times per week. There are plenty of these around the Internet (Hint: the exercises in my books are great for the beginner. You can do them from home and they are progressive).

Seriously, a good exercise routine will help you out a lot more. For realistic weight loss, it’s best to find a progressive routine rather than the same exercise routine each week — for as long as you are training.
With a progressive routine, you are less likely to reach a plateau.


To Sum Up Realistic Weight Loss:

  • Be wary of products and routines that sound too good to be true; they most probably are! At best, they will just be a waste of money. At worst, they will put your body through unneeded stress and any weight that you might have lost will be back with full vengeance!
  • Educate yourself! Take advice from professionals that have walked the path of realistic weight loss themselves. Start off with the basics, get those right, and build on them. The investment in the weight loss education that you give yourself is far more valuable than any supplement because it will last you a lifetime.
  • Once you have understood the basics, you can start to implement them. Get yourself a solid plan and stick to it.

As I always say (and you are probably sick of hearing this), planning is a fundamental factor in the outcome of any weight loss journey.

YES, sticking to your plan day-in-day-out is hard work (to begin with), and many people are put off by the lack of “sexiness” in this theory; but if you have a solid plan, and you are focused and consistent, there is no reason that you will not get your results.

As always, I am here to help! So, if you have any problems or questions, I will be glad to support you the best way that I can.

If any of this makes sense and you are on board with my approach of self education, I do have a whole guide that you can follow to take you from being a total beginner to knowing how to eat correctly, plan correctly and acheive any fitness goal that you have from losing weight to running marathons, from home workouts to bodybuilding competition, I have a guide for you.

…. “So Jim! After all you have said about buying fitness products, you go ahead and try and sell me some!” I hear you say.

It may appear that this is the case but, I am a fitness professional and fitness professional get paid based on their time, creating digital books, paperback books and audio guides takes a lot of time and money. I have also made these guides based on my twenty plus years of experience, not just on the information that my official fitness education told me.

The price of admission for my fitness guides is extremely low for the information given and I beleive it is far more valuable than hiring a personal trainer, both in the financial sense and the practical sense. You are self teaching after all and an education on fitness can change your life dramatically.

I also take a personal interest in my readers success and always offer extra advice if there are stumbling blocks, there is always a way to fix a problem and I’m there to help you find any answers.

So I would love to see you succeed with whatever your fitness plans are and would love to be a small part of your journey, I hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,


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