Okay, so this is my idea of a beginners bodybuilders routine. This is only one way of doing things, but this has been effective for me. This is a 2-day split which means that you will only train 4 times per week but you will be hitting all muscles twice per week…

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If you are a total beginner, you should not really try this. You should start with a general fitness program, then a strength program, and then move on to this. It may seem like a good idea to jump right into the more intense workouts to get faster results but you will not have the foundation you need, so you may get injured and not see the results that you are after.

It would help to try this type of program for a minimum of eight weeks. By doing this, you will see your results and you will also be able to identify your weaknesses.

Give it a go, and let me know how you get on.

Good luck!


Looking For A Good Muscle Building Routine?

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