When starting any training program, the desired result from the training is known as “The Training Effect.” This basically means that you will get the results that you train for, i.e. if you train for fat loss, you will actually lose fat; if you train for muscle mass, you actually gain muscle, etc.

One of the hardest phases of training is the first phase. I know this because I have been in this situation many times. When I say first phase, I mean the stage you get to after making the decision to start a training program. At this point, you will need to get yourself into a new routine and motivated enough to start training, and hit your sessions no matter what. This can be very tough, especially if you have not trained before.

This may be very hard in the first few weeks but, if you persevere, you WILL get results. The compound effect basically works like this; if you have lots of a little bit of something, you will end up with “a lot.” Of course, it works both ways with the human body. If you eat a few chocolate bars every day and don’t burn off the extra calories, you will put on some or a lot of fat.

If you train consistently for a while, you will see results. Other people will notice this and start to ask questions and compliment you. When this happens, you have reached the next phase. Now, you will have seen results and want to keep them coming. This is because you have seen the fruits of your labour and you know that what you have been working for is starting to pay off.

Year after year, gym membership numbers will go up in January but, by April, have dropped back down. This is sadly due to people not getting past the first and, in my opinion, the hardest phase.

The number one reason people give up so fast is that they look at how far they have to go instead of looking at how far they have gone already.

So, keep going, force yourself to stick the routine until you see these first few results, and then it will become a whole lot easier going forward.

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