Home Workout For Beginners: Where to Start with Fat Loss?

I have always taken a close interest in other people’s diet and fitness achievements. I truly admire the person who decides that “enough is enough” and transforms their body from extremely overweight to lean and flat or trim and toned.

There are, no doubt, millions of people who are overweight and want to make this transformation for themselves. I have personally spoken to hundreds of people who want and have, indeed, tried to achieve this change; but I only know of a handful who have actually seen it through and earned the results that they want and deserve.


Why do so many people not make it?

When I hear that someone has quit the diet they started, or stopped training, I always feel disappointed for them. It is a shame to quit before you get the great results you are after.

Did they quit due to lack of will power? Was it that they didn’t have the time? Was it because the training was wrong or the food on the diet was wrong?

It probably wasn’t any of the above. Before starting any diet or lifestyle change, there are some fundamental factors that need to be in place. The people that actually get the results have these factors sorted before they start (although they may not know it).

I personally hate to see anyone fail at a diet or lifestyle change. I have written and revised my first book, Home Workout For Beginners, to address these fundamental factors. The newer you are to the idea of weight loss, diet or muscle building, the more that you will benefit from this book. However, there are some helpful tips and ideas inside it for everyone.

This is not a book with the “#1 best fat loss diet” or the “#1 best training routine” inside. This book is the answer to success with your diet and training; it is the bottom line. This book is the “tool kit” that will help you build your successful lifestyle change; and if you take the information onboard and act on it, you will never look back!

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