This is what my new website is all about! I have decided to merge my two websites into one BIG resource centre so that I can very easily answer all the questions that many newbies are asking about sustainable fitness and fat loss.

I know that it is a very daunting process when you first decide to start a new fitness venture. I have been in the same situation myself. Where do you start from? How can you start? What do you eat? What is the best fitness program or routine that suits your unique situation?


On JimsHealthandMuscle.com, you are finally in the right place!

Before I started my first website, I didn’t even know what an “FTP” was. I can easily imagine how someone who has never before taken part in fitness or fat loss exercises can feel so lost!

In my time, I really needed someone to sit down with me and take me through the things that I needed to know. There is so much contradicting information on the Internet, and this kept throwing me off track.

This problem may seem specific to you but it is not just you; everyone entering the fitness and fat loss world for the first time fall into the same hellish overload of contradicting information! I want to be the person to sit down with you and get you on the right track.

Jimshealthandmuscle.com is all about getting you off the couch and out into the fitness world, despite your age and no matter how unfit you may think you are. I have come to help you. YOU are the reason that this website exists. If you are ready, I am ready to start you up with small, baby steps, and move you forward progressively, until you are making giant leaps.


So, please feel free to navigate this website and check out our high-resource articles as you may find something to take away with you right now. Leave a comment on any article or email me if you get stuck and need any help. Lastly, make sure to share our website and blog articles with someone (friends, families or strangers) that you think may benefit as well.

Have I mentioned this to you before: I am ALWAYS happy to answer any of your questions!

Good luck!