There are many forms of exercise, and most of these forms of exercise are designed for a specific task.

For example; a weight loss exercise will be fairly different to an exercise designed for a 100m sprinter and both will be different from the training of a professional basketball player. Since this website is about weight loss for the beginner, I am going to focus on weight loss exercise.


What Makes Weight Loss Exercise Different?

Weight loss exercise, like any other form of exercise, will only yield results if you are consistent with the exercise. When you start to see the results of your training, in this case, you will start to actually lose weight. This is called, “The Training Effect.”

To get the training effect from weight loss exercise, there are a few things that you need to understand about the training required. I would just like to let you know that the exercise that you need to do to get the most effective weight loss is not as hard as you probably think it will be.


Steady State Cardio Training

Many fitness instructors have different ideas and opinions about this. Unlike a lot of fitness instructors / personal trainers, I can actually say that I have personally tested these methods and had good results on my own body.

Here is how cardio has helped me with fat loss! Steady state cardio is a form of cardiovascular exercise that is performed at a “steady state,” which simply means that the speed of exercise is consistent throughout the exercise session. These sessions should last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. The best and easiest form of this exercise is a fast-paced walk or slow jog.

But I could NEVER do a 30 minute cardio session, and a 1 hour session is out of the question! 

I have heard this statement or something similar so many times, yet every single person who has insisted that they couldn’t do it I have proved wrong. It is exactly this attitude that holds people back or flat out kills their ability to get any weight loss results at all.

The fact is that a 30-minute to 1 hour steady state cardio session can be achieved by ANYONE. I even know people without legs who can do this!

So, if you are able-bodied enough to be able to walk, and you are serious about getting visible weight loss results, plan for yourself a circuit that you can walk around nonstop for 30 minutes. This could be from your front door back to your front door, and that is fine. Otherwise, if you have the luxury of a running track, then utilise it instead.

Whatever option you choose, make sure that you make a promise to yourself to do the exercise for, at least, 4 times per week — for the foreseeable future. If you stick with it long enough, you will find it surprisingly easy to increase your pace or lengthen your distance.


What Are You Aiming For On Your Steady State Cardio Session?

We have established that you are training for weight loss but how do we know how fast we should be going or how much we should be pushing ourselves? Right, this is a good question! If you have ever been motivated enough before, to lose weight through cardio exercise, you may have thrown on your new running trainers and decided to go running. After all, everyone knows that “running will make you lose weight,” right?

If this sounds familiar enough to you, I bet I can tell you what happened next:

  • You feel highly motivated, throw on your running kit, and decide that this is going to be the new you!
  • Yeah! This is gonna be great! “This time in a few months, I’ll be really lean, and running will be a lot easier!” It’s gonna be great!
  • You set off on your jog and less than 5 minutes in, you get a stitch, you feel out of breath and your legs hurt.
  • “Jeeez! I’m unfit, and this running game is hard!”
  • “I don’t fancy doing this every day; there must be an easier way! I’ll keep searching.”

And just like that, your motivation is gone, and so, too, are your chances of getting your weight loss results. Needless to say, this kind of exercise will not get you good results.

The key to effective fat loss is being able to get your body in its fat burning zone; the longer that your body is in this zone, the more fat that it will burn. 

It’s not rocket science, yet it is surprising how many people do not know, or indeed, practice this principal.


You Will Know That You Are In Your Fat Burning Zone BECAUSE:

  • You will be sweaty.
  • You will be breathing fairly heavily but you will still be able to hold a conversation.
  • You will not be totally exhausted.
  • You will be able to sustain this exercise for, at least, 30 minutes to 1 hour.

If you are just starting out, you may have to persevere for a week or two to find your personal “steady state” pace, but keep in mind that the more that you do this, the easier that your body will slip into its fat burning mode. You will be surprised at how smart and efficient your body actually is.

Note that, from personal experience, I can assure you that the first 5–10 minutes may be the hardest; and this is probably because you haven’t gotten a regular breathing pattern going. I identified this from a few clients in the past and it really helped to make them aware of this. To overcome the problem, try spending a minute or two before you set out to take breathing exercises. Take some deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. I have seen this little trick help out a lot!


Weight Loss Exercise and Interval Training

Once that you have mastered the steady state technique, you will want to boost your fat burning rate even more! This can be done by a weight loss exercise technique known as Interval Training.
There are many different ways and levels that you can incorporate interval training but I would like to focus primarily on the optimum for fat burning.

This is a simple way to boost your weight loss through cardio exercise, but I would suggest that you get the steady state technique perfected first before trying this. All you need to do to include interval training in your  exercise session is just to throw in a few 30-pace increases here and there through your normal steady state circuit.

This is how I would start:

  • Do your steady state cardio session as normal, and then, halfway down, throw in a 30-second jog, run, sprint or whatever.
  • The important thing here is to make sure that you elevate your tempo for a short burst.
  • Carry on at your normal steady state for the rest or your session.

You can keep adding these 30-second bursts every time throughout your route until you see reason to extend your route or just double it up so that you are still doing 30 minutes to 1 hour sessions.

This is a simple way to train for weight loss but it is very effective if you stick at it and maintain your progress (which means increasing the intensity as you get stronger). Do this for 6 months and you will have some very impressive results. Just remember to take it one week at a time and you will do just fine.

I’ve outlined your first 6 weeks of progression using this method in the guide – “Home workout for beginners”. If you are interested in this, you can find out more about it by following this link or visiting the page – https://jimshealthandmuscle.com/home-workout-for-beginners/

Another information that I would like to share with you is Weight Training for Fat Loss but I will do this in another post and I will make sure to link to it from here when it is finished. In the meantime, good luck with your steady state efforts!

If you are serious about getting weight loss results, give this a go. Remember that I am always willing to help you out, so feel free to contact me if you need any more help.

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