This weight loss motivation audiobook was not only a joy to write but the positive feedback that has been sent my way from audible listeners has truly humbled me. When I first published this fitness and weight loss audiobook, I was unsure how it would be received. (I would imagine that most self-published authors go through this thought process). But as the audiobook gained traction, I started to hear back from people I’d previously not know, telling me that it has been a game changer for them.

I really do feel privileged to know that this fitness audiobook has connected me with so many amazing people around the world and that it is having such a positive effect on the lives of listeners that I would never have met or heard their personal story’s were it never published.

For those of you still looking for a weight loss motivation audiobook that will give you a solid plan to follow, help you build mental robustness and strength of character that will enable you to hit more than just fitness / weight loss goals, this is my story, this is my offering, I will be there to welcome you at the start of your journey and I will be right next to you when you cross the finish line of whatever path it takes you down.Weight loss motivation audiobook

What’s this weight loss motivation audiobook about?

What’s the first thing you need to do in order to achieve any fitness goal, including weight loss? It’s not to join a gym, it’s not to eat a salad and it’s not to buy a new pair of running shoes.

The difference between the people who win at fitness / weight loss and actually achieve real results and the ones that don’t is down to mind-set. You could have the best gym equipment in the world, the most experienced and expensive personal trainer that there is, you could live next door to a health food shop, but if you neglect to plan ahead, develop your mental robustness and to recognise the value of your motivation, you will probably never hit your goals.

Whichever workout routine, diet or fitness theory you choose to follow, achieving fitness results is hard work but the benefits far outweigh the struggles. You don’t even have to wait until you have hit your final goal to start to feel the paybacks though, this is an ongoing journey of mental and physical challenges that develop not only your physical fitness and health, but the challenges also serve to develop great strength of character and when you hit your final goal, the sense of achievement is so great that it can forever change your life in the most positive way.

How do I know this and what qualifies me to write and publish an audiobook based around fitness motivation?

I have written, formatted and published several fitness books, written and published over 100 blog posts, learned to create websites, I am a qualified fitness instructor, have been in the army serving with an elite airborne unit and have been a competitive bodybuilder. But If I told you that before I found the world of fitness that I had a hard time in school, I was a slow learner, was in the “special” class for English, only achieved four GCSE’s on leaving school, lacked confidence, struggled with fitness of any type and I was generally never expected to achieve.

So what changed?

I got motivated! I was introduced to Conan the barbarian and wanted to “crush my enemies, to see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women”. I started lifting weights just like Arnold Schwarzenegger would have done. This was the catalyst that sparked the fitness motivation on my personal journey and with the first fitness results that I earned, the foundations of mental robustness was fixed in place which served to further feed my motivation and started to define my positive character giving me the opportunity to set and believe that I could hit some pretty ambitious goals.

Everyone’s path is different, your motivation to lose weight, start to get fit or change your lifestyle will probably be different to mine but, once you have that motivation, you need to feed it and protect it! Your motivation is the driving force for your fitness success, so it is important that you plan to take it with you.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a fair few valuable lessons through the twenty years plus that I have been in the fitness game but I want to share my story with you. I want to help you get to where you want to be without you having to fall down the amount of times that I have done and to get there in a fraction of the time so you can start to reap the rewards as soon as possible.

So if you are ready to listen, I am ready to talk! I’m really excited to hear of your fitness and weight loss results!

Let’s get started! I’ll see you on the inside!

Grab the Fitness & Exercise Motivation audiobook HERE

All the best


(James Atkinson)