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For hundreds of years, people have commented on the harm alcohol does to the body. Despite all these warnings, people continue to consume alcohol, often in excess. While drinking alcohol sparingly might not cause too much harm, it is when the substance is consumed in...

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5 Tips to Prevent Injuries When You Exercise

To live a healthier life seems to be in the minds of more people than ever before. We constantly see ad after ad of products claiming to be the answer on everyone's wish to live healthily. Gym memberships are on the rise as more and more people aspire to look their...

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Burn Calories By Running

Running is probably the most common physical activity in which millions of people participate every day. There are many forms of running; jogging for general health and fat loss, sprinting for competition or building explosive power, and competing in marathons, this...

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Ketosis for fat loss – Before you start.

This method of fat loss seems to be getting a lot of attention at the moment although the concept is not new. I feel that many people who are looking for good fat loss results are approaching the method without being correctly prepared. There is no doubt that you can...

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